Feast on Our Selection of Delicious Italian Cuisine

Providing Catering for Elegant Parties, Fundraisers, Weddings, Celebrations & More

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Providing Catering for Elegant Parties, Fundraisers, Weddings, Celebrations & More

ITALIAN TOGO FEAST ON DELICIOUS ITALIAN CUISINE is temporary closed but we're still available for Catering and other parties

Italian ToGo Feast on Delicious Italian Cuisine

Offering Pizza, Pasta, and other fresh, great Italian food from the kitchen in Portland. Call in or order online to place an order for pick-it-up or delivery. Any size orders are welcome. Occasionally, Italian TOGO is closed for catering obligations. 

A Note From The Chef

Roasted Clove Food Company got its start in Portland, Texas, in 2013 as VHP Catering. Chef Mark Pulich, who previously worked at the Venetian Hot Plate restaurant in Port Aransas, began the kitchen to expand the restaurant's catering services. In 2019 Chef Mark left the Venetian Hot Plate after 14 years and became the sole owner of the VHP catering, which he renamed Roasted Clove Food Company. Mark is blessed to have a great Staff of eager and talented individuals (Jacob, Melanie, Steven, Scotty, Anjali, Nate, and Stewart Clan) to help him bring great food to Portland and the Coastal Bend. Thank you for enjoying our offerings at the ToGo Kitchen and our Catering services. Look out for our upcoming food products (dressing, sauces, and frozen foods), culinary classes, and more from the Roasted Clove Kitchen in Portland.
We appreciate your consideration and look forward to hearing from you. Call us today at (361) 704-6187

Chef/ Owner
Mark Pulich